Our Story

The story of how love for chocolate and rich abundance of Hvar Island came together to create artisan Gamulin chocolates, handmade with finest chocolate and locally grown ingredients.

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All around the world, chocolate is a leading favourite food. In fact, there are so many different types of chocolate that it could be said there is a perfect kind for everyone.

I belong to the group of passionate chocolate lovers. It´s in my genes, and it is well known in Jelsa that all Gamulin family members are „crazy about chocolate“.

That love inspired me to create my own chocolate. In my grandma´s cookbook I found the recipe for dried fig balls coated in sugar, a traditional Chrismas treat in Dalmatia.

Instead of sugar I dipped them in chocolate. My first chocolate praline was born and I gave it the name „Figolini“.

I introduced Figolini to the public and they quickly became very popular. Not only that; they started an avalanche of new ideas. My goal was to make a fusion of fine chocolate and Mediterranean fruits and herbs with which my home island abounds.

Today I am the proud inventor of various chocolate flavors in the form of chocolate bars, truffles, pralines and ice cream. The taste of every single one will remind you of the rich abundance of Hvar island.